Tree Surgery

We can proudly say that RFP Tree and Landscape Services has planted twice as many trees as we have had to fell.

If you require expert advice or a technical tree report our staff

Although sometimes it is totally necessary to remove a tree from the landscape for whatever reason, our extensive planting contracts have ensured that we have put back more than our fair share for future generations. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce quality tree work and make sure that every species we conduct work on is pruned to the correct standard and in a way that will not compromise its overall health.

We have specialist equipment including:

  • - Tracked chipper
  • - Large stump grinder for quick removal of stumps
  • - Hydraulic log splitter

From veteran and ancient field oaks to small cider orchards, we cover a wide range of different pruning techniques to suit each species of tree.

All tree work is carried out to British Standards (3998:2010) We are fully insured public and products liability £5 million and employers liability to £10 million.


Felling the tree in sections from rope and harness. This is carried out when a tree has limited space in which to be felled from the ground in one piece. When obstacles are present below the tree, all branches are carefully lowered to the ground using ropes.


The removal of trees from the ground without the need to climb them.

Stump Removal

The total removal of the tree stump and root system. This enables you to reuse the ground after the tree has been removed.


Reducing the size of the crown whilst still maintaining an aesthetically balanced shape.

Removal of Dead and Diseased Wood

Branches that have died back over a number of years and that are in danger of falling onto an area where the public has access.

Removal and Repair of Storm Damaged Trees

We are highly experienced in storm damage tree repair and removal.

Log Splitting

Reducing the size of the crown whilst still maintaining an aesthetically balanced shape.

Surveys and Reports

If you require expert advice or a technical report we provide a comprehensive consultancy service:
- Tree health report
- Tree report in relation to design, demolition and construction
- Tree Preservation Order applications and appeals
- Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)
- Our reports are carried out in accordance with BS5837:2012.